LinkPlayer is a self contained application and does not need to be installed. Just drag it to your hard drive in the Application folder.

To un-install, just drag it to the Trash/Bin.

It only runs when open, it won't serve N.MUSIC if you quit it. You can however close the virtual remote.

Like every programme on the Mac, you can set it to open automatically at login.

BM-Link must be stopped before opening LinkPlayer, but does not need to be un-installed.

Option Setting

If you have a Bang & Olufsen music system, you must set LinkPlayer to option 4, 5 or 6.

  1. Set LinkPlayer to option 6 if it is located in a separate room, with no other B&O devices.

  2. Set it to option 5, if you are in a room with a Link TV. The Link TV must also be set to option 5.

  3. Set it to option 4 if it is in the same room as the Audio Master or the Video Master. In that case, you’ll have to press LINK on the remote to control LinkPlayer.

If you do not have a Bang & Olufsen music system, you must set LinkPlayer to option 0, 1 or 2. LinkPlayer will then act as an Audio Master.

  1. Set it to option 0 if it is in the same room as the TV. Set the TV to option 2. In this case you do not need an IR receiver and you do not need to connect speakers to the Beoport.

  2. Set both LinkPlayer and the TV to option 1 if speakers are connected to the Beoport. You need to connect an IR receiver to the Beoport.

  3. Set LinkPlayer to option 2 if the Beoport and the TV are in different rooms. You need to connect an IR receiver to the Beoport if you want to control LinkPlayer with a remote in that room.



LinkPlayer works on Intel and PowerPC Macs, running 10.5 Leopard or 10.6 Snow Leopard, and iTunes 9.

You also need a Beoport (formerly called Beolink PC2) box from Bang & Olufsen.


  1. Connect the Audio Out of your Mac to the Audio In of the Beoport.

  2. Connect a USB cable between Beoport USB socket and the Mac.

  3. Ideally, Beolab speakers can be connected to the Beoport box to be able to listen to local or distant sources.

  4. Alternatively, headphones or non B&O amplified speakers can be connected to the front jack of the Beoport.

  5. You can control all sources if a IR receiver is connected to the Beoport, or you can use the on-screen virtual remote.

An Apple Remote can also be used in the room where the Mac is present. You need a Mac with an integrated IR receiver. The Beoport IR receiver is not necessary to use the AppleRemote.


The first time you open LinkPlayer, the preference window will appear. Modify the settings if needed.

You may come back to the Preference window by going to the LinkPlayer > Preferences menu, as with every Mac application.

To use N.RADIO, you must create a playlist called N.RADIO, and drag your favourite radios into it.

External Software Configuration

See here how to configure Plex, Boxee and EyeTV.

Media Center Setup

LinkPlayer can turn your a Mac mini into a complete Media Center solution with on-screen navigation on your TV. Connect your Mac mini's video output to the TV. See here how to configure it.

Vintage Audio Master Setup

Bring N.MUSIC and N.RADIO to your Vintage Audio Master.

HDMI Mac support

In LinkPlayer > Preferences > Sound, set Play Audio Sources With: Headphone Jack and Play Video Sources With: HDMI.

LinkPlayer is a Mac application that requires a Beolink PC2 (Beoport) interface. LinkPlayer is not a Bang and Olufsen product and is not supported by Bang and Olufsen in any way. Some features will only work with certain setups. All company names, brand names, trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.