LinkRemote, available on the App Store, is an app that transforms your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch into a 2 way remote for LinkPlayer.

You can do everything you can do with LinkPlayer, but remotely!


You must be connected to the same WIFI network as your Mac running LinkPlayer . That’s it.

Usage on the iPhone/iPod touch

When you start LinkRemote, it displays the available sources (as on the on-screen remote). If a source is already playing, it switches to the Arrow pad automatically.

After selecting the source, the remote buttons appear. Press "Sources" to come back to the source selection.

  1. The arrow pad works like in LinkPlayer.

  2. The top right button brings the numeric keypad.

  3. The bottom slider controls the volume of the speakers that are connected to the Beoport.

  4. MENU, EXIT and MUTE work like on the Beo4.

  5. LIST allows the selection of rarely used buttons like TURN, RECORD, TRACK, REPEAT, RANDOM, SOUND, STORE.

Usage on the iPad

Tap the source indicator to display the source selection menu. Tap the track indicator to display the number keypad. Tap the volume indicator to display the volume slider. Tap on the volume indicator again to display the bass/treble/balance settings.


Any LinkPlayer on-screen menu (PC, Playlists, Photo Albums, Web bookmarks, EyeTV Recording...) is pushed to the iPhone screen and you can scroll and select an entry without having to use the arrow keys and GO.

Press Back to go back to the previous menu or exit the menu if you are already at the topmost menu.

Press Close to dismiss the menu.

LinkPlayer is a Mac application that requires a Beolink PC2 (Beoport) interface. LinkPlayer is not a Bang and Olufsen product and is not supported by Bang and Olufsen in any way. Some features will only work with certain setups. All company names, brand names, trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.

iPhone  (landscape) & ipad

Place your finger on the screen and a arrow pad will popup under your finger.

Swipe your finger in the direction of an arrow (you do not have to aim precisely) to active its function.

Tap once to Play, twice to stop.

LinkRemote will always behave as if you are located in the Beoport’s room, even if you are in another room. You cannot switch on or control the volume of speakers that are not connected to the Beoport.