Hundreds of Sources

Today, with LinkPlayer you can access your iTunes library, internet Radios and Front Row (which includes iPhoto slideshows, DVD, video folder and Podcast playback). It also supports Plex and Boxee which gives you access to many Internet streaming sources such as Youtube, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Pandora, Shoutcast, Spotify, Hulu, TiVO, iMovie, and much more thanks to a large number of plugins.

You can also surf the web from your sofa.

EyeTV support

Control EyeTV with LinkPlayer, watch and record TV channels. You can also browse and view your recordings. If your tuner supports analog you can also receive all the video sources from your main TV.

Elegance, Ease of use

If you love Bang and Olufsen, your computer is likely to be a Mac. Design, Ease of use, Integration, Attention to detail, these two brands have so much in common.

Like Bang & Olufsen and Apple products, LinkPlayer is easy to use and stylish. You control everything with a virtual remote that looks like it is made of black glass with a dot matrix display. Sounds familiar?

*LinkPlayer is a Mac application that requires a Beolink PC2 (Beoport) interface. LinkPlayer is not a Bang and Olufsen product and is not supported by Bang and Olufsen in any way. Some features will only work with certain setups. All company names, brand names, trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.

Media Centre - Fullscreen Interface

LinkPlayer can be used on a computer in your home office, or as a Media Centre connected to a TV. When you control it from a distance, LinkPlayer automatically switches to a fullscreen interface allowing you to access all your media, and opening the door to online streaming media as well.

Beo4, Beo5, AppleRemote, virtual Remote, iPhone and iPad App

When speakers are connected to the Beoport, you can use the on screen virtual remote.

Additionally, if an IR receiver is connected to the Beoport, you can use your B&O remote in the normal way. You can also use the small Apple Remote to control all B&O and Mac sources.

LinkRemote transforms your iPhone into a 2 way remote.

Two way

LinkPlayer works both ways. You can access your iTunes library from any room and you can listen to your Audio Master and Video Master sources on your Mac. If you have a supported Mac TV tuner, you can even watch these sources on your Mac.


LinkPlayer can be used in many configurations. It supports all option settings. This means you can use it as an Audio Master or as a Link product.

Various settings allow it to work even with older Video and Audio master. See the configuration page.

LinkPlayer is a new solution to fully integrate your Mac and your Bang and Olufsen setup*. It lets you access your iTunes library and internet radios from your Bang & Olufsen setup and access your B&O sources on your Mac. It also turns your Mac into a complete media center, allowing you to control hundreds of new digital sources from the comfort of your sofa with your Beo4, Beo5, Apple Remote or the LinkRemote iPhone App.