Media Center Setup

If you connect your >ac mini's video output to the TV, LinkPlayer can turn your Mac into a complete Media Center with on-screen navigation on your TV.

There are 4 possible configurations:

  1. 1.If your TV has a PC input, configure your TV to show the Mac mini picture when pressing the PC key. In LinkPlayer > Preferences > General, select the “Respond To PC via Masterlink” setting. In LinkPlayer > Preferences > Sources, attribute a source (Menu for example) to “PC”.

  1. 2.This solution requires an IR receiver connected to the Beoport box and works with any TV, including B&O CRTs and non B&O TV sets, However you cannot access it from Link rooms.
    In LinkPlayer > Preferences > General, select the “Respond to” box. In LinkPlayer > Preferences > Sources, choose the source that you want to use to show the Mac mini’s picture.

  1. 3.This solution is a not the most user friendly, but should work in most setups, and does not requires an external IR receiver.
    In LinkPlayer > Preferences > Sources, select Menu for N.Radio.
    You can still use this solution to listen to N.RADIO from an audio only room, but you’ll have to press
    N.RADIO and then press 2 (to activate the second element in the menu).
    When you want to use the Mac mini through your TV, call the source that displays the Mac mini’s picture, and then call AV-N.RADIO.
    This solution works from the main room and link rooms in the same way.

  1. 4.This solution uses the TV’s STB-C. Set the STB-C to Apple-iPod or Apple TV.
    In LinkPlayer > Preferences > General, select Respond to AppleRemote.
    In this solution, you can only use the arrow keys on the Beo4. The Exit key emulates the Menu key of the Apple Remote. In LinkPlayer, you can emulate more keys by pressing the Exit key repetitively. This displays a list of available soft-keys. Press GO to select.
    In the “Switches to:” selction, tick the 3 options.

If you do have an IR receiver, you can combine solutions 2 & 3. Use it as solution 2 from the main room and as solution 3 from a link room.

With solution 1 & 3, you will need to split the Mac sound output and connect it to both the Beoport and the TV’s Audio In.

LinkPlayer is a Mac application that requires a Beolink PC2 (Beoport) interface. LinkPlayer is not a Bang and Olufsen product and is not supported by Bang and Olufsen in any way. Some features will only work with certain setups. All company names, brand names, trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.